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TVR made a wide range of real drivers car – shunning much of the accepted gadgets like power steering and Aircon. Read our TVR car tuning tips and advice and join our TVR owners club. We have a wide range of tuning articles covering all models of TVR from the classic Tasmin to the modern Tuscan and speed 6. Sadly TVR are no more and it is probably for this reason that TVR are looking to modifications and car tuning to upgrade their cars. Following our tuning tips you will avoid many of the common mistakes and actually achieve the car setup you desire without spoiling that essential TVR ingredient. Please join the forum for model specific questions and answers and to meet other owners and see what modifications they have done.

TorqueCars started providing TVR performance part tips, car track day setup and car engine tuning advice and reviews back in 2003 and have grown from strength to strength with a fast growing membership of all types of cars including many, TVR owners. We are currently one of the fastest growing car tuning clubs around and certainly one of the friendliest. In 2007 we also organised our first full car show.

Our TVR comprehensive modification articles on tuning and styling are kept upto date so for the very latest TVR performance part,track day setup and engine tuning advice, tips and pointers please check back regularly. We strongly recommend that you join our TVR forums and swap performance part ideas with like minded TVR owners in the performance part forums.

If you have a TVR project underway we would love to hear about it, the Gallery section in the forum contains some interesting projects. Scroll down the page to see our latest tuning articles for your TVR.

  • Selected Tvr Stats
  • Tuscan Tuscan Convertible 4.0 S (380bhp) 2d – 3996 cc – 390 bhp – – 310 l
  • Tuscan Tuscan Coupé 4.0 R 2d – 3996 cc – 440 bhp – – 350 l
  • Tuscan Tuscan Convertible 4.0 Speed Six 2d – 3966 cc – 360 bhp – – 330 l
  • Tuscan Tuscan Convertible 4.0 Speed Six (380bhp) 2d – 3966 cc – 360 bhp – – 310 l
  • Tuscan Tuscan Convertible 3.6 2d – 3605 cc – 350 bhp – – 290 l

Tuscan Tuning

TVR Tuscan Tuning

“Tuning guide to the greatest TVR Tuscan modifications.”

Tuscan production ran from 1999 to 2006, and the car was very boldly styled and one of my personal favorites from the TVR factory.

The Tuscan is an awesome project car to play with. If you do your research then you… Read More...

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Chimaera Tuning

TVR Chimaera Tuning
“Thanks for reading this TVR Chimaera tuning guide.”

Produced from  1992 to 2003 the Chimaera has embarrassed many supercars on the track. An anecdotal story involved a Porsche club owner asking a TVR Chimaera driver to leave the track as he was showing up their cars.

The Chimaera is a good project car to do… Read More...

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