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TorqueCars have an awesome forum, one of the friendliest around and it covers all makes and models of cars, especially high performance project cars. Join the car forums to get involved in the community.

We have ambitions to be your no1 source for car tuning and modification information so you can build the ultimate modified car using our independent guide to tuning and modding your car. Find articles dedicated to cutting edge car styling tips, performance cars, car tuning, modified cars news & features with galleries and car specific projects along with updates on the very latest car tuning trends.

The modified car tuning and styling articles are frequently updated and amended as new modifications become available so check back frequently.

We cover styling, engine mods from head work to internal and bottom end upgrades, plus a complete guide to supercharging or turbo improvements for your car.

There is a lot of bad info out there, and with the support and feedback of our readers we are well placed to being the ultimate online tuning magazine for all car owners around the world.

We take an in depth look at the simplest car tuning techniques and some common pitfalls and feature the latest cars, car styling trends and car news.

"Introduction to the custom automobile scene"

Car customization has been a popular trend since the automobile's inception. We shall use a broader definition of customisation than automotive tuning, since it encompasses other aspects of the vehicle, such as entertainment, electronics, cosmetic alterations, and performance improvements.

Plan carefully in advance for your custom automobile project to prevent losing time and money.

Thus, how can I modify my automobile? Make a plan first! Do not begin without a strategy for the alterations and customizations you want to make.

We see far too many vehicles that have had seemingly random components thrown at them. When people take this method to customising a vehicle, they often wind up spending money taking items off again to replacing them with another component.

Customized visual car Mods.

Body modifications and skirts are common, as are wings and spoilers, vents, scoops, wheels, and engine bling.

On the interior of the vehicle, you may choose from a variety of different seat types, dashboard modifications, and steering wheel and pedal changes. Select the components with care.

Purchase cheaply and you will wind up purchasing twice! Parts of higher quality often last longer and fit more readily.

Cheap components often do not fit well and need some further polishing. Enhancements to performance.

Turbos, twinchargers, fast road cams, induction kits, sports exhausts, and remaps may all be used to increase the engine's output. When you examine the tuning steps, you'll see that certain components operate very well on their own, while others often need further tweaks to function well or to extract the entire performance gain.

Concentrate not just on increasing the car's speed; it will also need to stop properly. Upgrade the brakes and suspension to ensure the vehicle is both safe to drive and capable of handling aggressive track day driving.

Modifications to an extreme

These include air and hydraulic suspension, stretched tyres, excessive camber, Lambo door conversions, and significant structural modifications to the vehicle.

These are often done to personal preference, and with so many various custom automobile scenarios available, you're sure to find one that suits your taste and style.

Due to the mainly impractical aspect of living with such severe changes, the majority of these extreme modifications will turn your automobile a show only vehicle, however there are degrees to how far you can go even with these extreme modifications.

Local vehicle construction and usage rules may prohibit some of the modifications you intend to make to your vehicle.

Customize your own vehicle and take the do-it-yourself path.

By following our guidelines and using the resources available in our online community, you'll be astonished at how much you can accomplish. It typically pays to employ someone with expertise, since you will get a higher-quality finish.

You may always install certain pieces yourself and leave the final respray and finishing touches to a bodyshop. This results in a high-quality finish while keeping the original cost low.

When it comes to installing bespoke performance items, we highly advise you to consult a specialist.

We've seen several bespoke automobiles with major flaws and faults that are mostly the result of inexperience.

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