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You are in the right place, we have the latest guides and tuning tips to turn your car in to a fun track day performer. Our sister site TorqueCars provided the articles and information presented here, so visit them for even more tuning greatness.

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TorqueCars have an awesome forum, one of the friendliest around and it covers all makes and models of cars, especially high performance project cars. Join the car forums to get involved in the community.

We have ambitions to be your no1 source for car tuning and modification information so you can build the ultimate modified car using our independent guide to tuning and modding your car. Find articles dedicated to cutting edge car styling tips, performance cars, car tuning, modified cars news & features with galleries and car specific projects along with updates on the very latest car tuning trends.

The modified car tuning and styling articles are frequently updated and amended as new modifications become available so check back frequently.

We cover styling, engine mods from head work to internal and bottom end upgrades, plus a complete guide to supercharging or turbo improvements for your car.

There is a lot of bad info out there, and with the support and feedback of our readers we are well placed to being the ultimate online tuning magazine for all car owners around the world.

We take an in depth look at the simplest car tuning techniques and some common pitfalls and feature the latest cars, car styling trends and car news.

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Join TorqueCars our sister site to read over 300,000 posts on modified and tuned cars and tips.

This will also allow full access to their car project features, gallery and some and exclusive member only areas.

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