Spray art on cars from shows

When you think of respraying your car most people think in terms of changing the colour.

So much is possible with a little imagination and determination. Stickers can really change a cars appearance but there are limits to what you do with a sticker, especially at edges and joins.

Damage can always be repaired by the original artist but you will be paranoid when driving a work of art like the ones featured on this page!

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Getting a flip paint effect

First off we need to dispel a commonly held rumour. Flip paint is not actually 2 layers of different colour paint but a single colour which is refracted at certain angles.

It is a very special paint finish which is actually a complex and fully patented process. There are a few ways to achieve it but it certainly is not a finish you can get on a DIY basis.

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Painted alloy wheels – painting your wheels.

When it comes to wheels there are a large number of styling options available for the purpose of this article though we’re going to consider coloured rims, one of the latest styling trends to take off.

There is a wide selection of different styles of wheel available and aftermarket manufacturers are starting to produce wheels with colour options.

One of the most popular designs currently is the black wheel with red highlighting along the inside faces.

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Custom car Chrome paint effect

One of the hottest paint finishes currently around is chrome.

Until recently the only way to get a highly shiny chrome finish was to actually chrome plate the vehicle.

Think of chrome like a mirror finish which can have additional tints added to make gold or other colours.

It can be a bit too much to have a fully chromed vehicle as the reflections caused will most likely dazzle other road users. But it provides an excellent base coat for other artwork allowing the chrome to shine through as a highlight.

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