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Spoiler aerodymics rear spoiler design and construction

We look at how spoilers work? We also explain the difference between a spoiler and a wing. Spoilers are generally closer to the body of the car and help diffuse the air.

Wings are mounted much higher up and have an aerodynamic effect of creating downforce Read More...

Brake upgrade kits. 4 to 6 piston and larger vented disc conversions.

Uprating brakes is an essential modification.

"There's always time for a brake!"

Brakes – part of going fast requires that one is able to stop as fast.

The brake works with a friction pad, which is pressed against a Disc – the friction converts the momentum of the car into heat which is then dissipated over the brake disc slowing up the car.

 Heat is a big problem with heavy braking and a racecar must be prepped to cope with the high heat demands placed on the braking system.… Read More...

Limited Slip Diffs

Limited slip diffs, which LSD is best for handling. Read More...

Roll Cages

Roll cages & Roll bars custom fitting kits

Suspension Settings

Suspension setup and suspension settings and fine tuning.

Safety Mods

Improve safety and braking of your car

Car Lightening

Weight reduction and lightening a car to increase performance. Read More...

Winter Tyres

Benefits & advantages of Winter tyres & snow tyres Read More...

Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels and their impact on handling and performance. Read More...

Brake Fade

What is brake fade and what causes brake fade? Read More...

Performance Tyres
Strut Braces
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