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Body and exterior styling

Body styling and exterior styling mods for your car

We look at the latest cutting edge trends in body and car styling from body kits, wide body conversions to the ever popular wheel upgrades.

Find some inspiration for your cars styling in our articles showing the cutting edge in latest styling mods.

Choosing a theme for your car styling project.

Styling – choosing a theme.

"Doing it in STYLE."

This is typically a matter of taste and many people go in with a halfhearted effort buying a few mass produced parts and get left with something that looks tacky.

Although the cost of styling a car can add up quickly there is money to be made through sponsorship deals and offers of appearances in movies, pop videos, magazines and adverts.… Read More...

Carbon fibre bonnets and body panels.

One of the hottest looks actually improves the performance of your car. Carbon fibre body panels are becoming popular. Carbon fibre is a weave of carbon fibres to construct a flexible but light and very strong material that is stronger than steel.

Carbon fibre is now a very expensive product due to the demand. Many companies are now offering budget carbon fibre panel and carbon fibre bonnets. Read More...

Window Tints

How to apply car window tint tinting film.

Lambo Doors

Lambo style doors suicide doors and gullwing door conversions. Read More...

Spray Art

Spray art on cars from shows

Stretched Tyres

Are stretched tyres legal and safe

Wheel Painting

Painted alloy wheels – painting your wheels.

Alloy Wheels 2

Alloy wheels – choosing the best rims.

Gullwing Doors

Gullwing Doors & gull wing door conversion kits

Car Stickers

Car stickers – vinyl printed stickers.

Car Styles
Sports Silencers
Split Bonnets
Spray Art2
Under Car Neons
Painting Calipers
Wide Body Kits
De Locking
De Badging Cars
Body Kits
Single Wiper
Carbon Vents
Headlamp Conversions
Vehicle Wraps
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