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Car & engine tuning – unbiased tuning tips.

This tuning reference guide is intended to assist on which mods to do on your car and will try to give a realistic opinion of what the car will end up like.

Track cars are regularly rebuilt and serviced weekly – we have to tune our cars to work for a year without a service interval, plus it has to cope with rough roads and poor fuel and a wide range of weather conditions. It is therefore vital that you choose the right car tuning mods.

Turbo tuning – Aftermarket OEM turbos upgrade kit.

When it comes to Turbo tuning you have pretty much unlimited potential and a wide selection of options.

The more power you want from a turbo the greater the amount of heat it will generate and the bigger the stress on the internal components. Read More...

Electric water pumps

In a performance engine you should never underestimate the need for adequate cooling.

All water cooled cars work on the principle of water being pumped around the engine and then to a radiator where it releases the heat.

Most water pumps are mechanical and run off the crank. Read More...

Remote Turbo Kits

Fitting a remote turbo charger kits

Water Injection

Benefits and drawbacks of engine water injection systems

Spoiler Aerodynamics

Spoiler aerodymics rear spoiler design and construction

Bonnet Intake Vents

Vents – adding performance with Bonnet vents.

Brake Mods

Brake upgrade kits. 4 to 6 piston and larger vented disc conversions. Read More...

Limited Slip Diffs

Limited slip diffs, which LSD is best for handling. Read More...

Quick Shift

Quick shift gearstick quickshift kits

Roll Cages

Roll cages & Roll bars custom fitting kits

Screamer Pipes
Intake Valves
Suspension Settings
Aftermarket Intercooler
Engine Mods
Engine Knock
Turbo Tuning
Safety Mods
Diesel Tuning
Car Lightening
Chip Tuning
Tuning Mpg
Tune A Car
Winter Tyres
Boost Controllers
Remapping Ecu
Fuel And Additives
Valve Springs
Engine Balancing
Alloy Wheels
Nos Nitrous
Diesel Hot Hatch
Superchargers Guide
Flywheel Lightening
Sport Catalysts
Diesel Remaps
Brake Fade
Porting Polishing
Engine Swaps
Rebore Engine
Adding Turbo
Performance Tyres
Turbos Vs Superchargers
Ignition Coils
Engine Tuning
Induction Kit Intro
Performance Clutches
Sports Exhausts
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