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Quick shift gear stick upgrade kits

"Time to be a bit shifty"

The gearstick is basically a lever which links to the gearbox.

Underneath the gate we have essentially a pivot and the bottom of the lever is what does the work changing gear.

Some quick shift shafts have a bend in them to allow extra leverage whilst keeping the gear knob in the same place.

Simple physics applies here a shorter lever above the pivot and longer one below the pivot means that gear changes are quicker.

More effort is needed but no gearbox should offer enough resistance to a gear change unless something is seriously wrong with it.

When you have driven a car with a quick shift you will not want to go back to an ordinary long throw gear stick.

Many different quick shift kits are available. When choosing one you should look out for one that is adjustable.

Each driver has his own preference and it is also fair to say that each gearbox is different. In some the fastest setting may cause clearance problems.

After you have fitted the quick shift kit ensure that you can engage each gear easily. Sometimes the rubber blocks behind and below the lower shaft will rub and prevent smooth changes. If this is the case adjust the quick shift and or shave away some of the rubber that is causing the fouling.

When you have driven a car with a quick shift you will notice that the amount of travel on the gear lever is substantially reduced. Up to 40% shorter distances in some cases. This effectively make the gear changes faster and gives a more slick feeling. You will really not want to go back to a standard or long throw gear lever afterwards.


Changing to a quick shifter is a relatively straightforward job. Sadly though cars are too different for us to offer general advice here.

In some cars, you will need to jack up the front of the car and use axle stands to fit it properly whilst others can be done pretty much entirely from inside the car.

Most quick shift kits come with instructions but you can also consult a workshop manual for you car if you are unsure.

This modification is simple and really makes the car feel more sporty, although in real life your performance is pretty much the same.

If you want more tips on track day preparation, car modding or general driving techniques we suggest you join our modified car forum and get some specific tips and advice for your car model.

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