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Motorsport tuning

A look at car set up and driving techniques in Motorsports

We look at high performance tuning in the world of track racing, drag racing and the competitive world of drifting.

The articles cover driving techniques and car set up and examines the best cutting edge performance tuning modifications allowing you to excel in the competitive world of Motorsports.

How to drift. Drifting techniques

The basic drifting techniques.

"A sideways glance"

The art of getting a car to go sideways is a delicate balance, and one which requires a great deal of skill and concentration. We shall assume that you have  a suitably equipped and tuned RWD car that is drift ready with a locked rear diff.

NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO DRIFT ON A STREET OR IN A PUBLIC AREA. Many clubs and tracks offer a safe venue for drift practice.… Read More...

Driving tips for the track: Double declutching

he double de-clutch is best performed using the left pedal! To change gear you depress the clutch, move into neutral, release the clutch match engine speed, depress the clutch and engage the next gear.

So how does this method work and is it better than a single clutch gear change on a modern car fitted with a syncromesh? Read More...

Track Day Driving

Driving tips for track days

Drag Techniques

Drag racing techniques, launch and gear changes.

Drift Car Tuning

Drift car setup and tuning a drift car

Cornering Techniques

The racing line and high speed cornering techniques.

Drag Strip

Drag racing techniques and car setup

Quarter Mile Time

quarter mile time Calculator 1/4 mile from weight and bhp Read More...

Heel Toe Gearchange

Master the heel and toe gearchange with our handy driving tips. Read More...

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