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"What do you think you look like?"

Before we begin we shall first look at two derogatory terms used to describe styles of cars. The terms tuner and ricer are usually meant in an offensive manner. We would prefer not to use these to define styles but as they are in such common usage we have to offer a definition.

Tuner - Very showy and noisy tacky street car generally covered with sponsor stickers or a list of the parts used (or wished for) to create the vehicle. This style is often followed by the typical boy racer and often on a very tight budget with little thought given to the overall look and feel of the car. That said though, a real tuner car can be tastefully done (see tuned below) Typically a real tuner car will have a nicely tuned engine, large exhaust (not massive though) and a few stylish body modifications.

There are plenty of styles to choose from. The only limit is your imagination.

Ricer - (Used in a very aggressive manner and certainly not flattering) Modified Japanese car also known as a rice burner related to Tuner. Many would use this term when describing a Japanese car with lots of pointless body modifications and stickers. Some consider the term "ricer" to be racist, some vehemently insist that it is not. The term has also been used to describe any car of Japanese origin whether tuned and styled or standard.

Now with those two negative terms out of the way we shall look at the other style options out there. If you feel our definitions are out of date or that we have missed one then please post up and let us know using the feedback form.

VIP - Luxury car in black with plenty of chrome and very very shiny wheels. Windows are usually fairly heavily tinted to obscure the occupants. Sometimes the car is stretched to create a limo.

Gangster - Large car extensively styled to reflect a lavish lifestyle. Animal skin seat covers, diamond studded interior. Massive alloys wheels. Plenty of ICE including multiple screens and massive subs. Generally a convertible model.

Rat - Souped up car or Minibus with high performance engine that looks terrible. The look is typified by rust, badly sprayed panels and general appearance suited to a car in a scrap yard. The tell tale sign is the sound of a well tuned engine and loud exhaust.

Tricked out - A car with plenty of gadgets and mainly visual upgrades including scissor, Lambo, suicide or gullwing door conversion. Motorised doors and boot/trunk. Split folding hood/bonnet. Hydraulics to electronically alter the cars height and even can cause it to jump off the ground.

Lowriders (Southern California area) very very low to the ground typically large American cars. These are usually equipped with trick hydraulic suspension.

Old Skool - Classic car from the late 70's to early 90's that has received a modern makeover. Engines are often swapped out for more modern and powerful ones and other modern parts are added such as fuel injection and ABS braking. 

Classic - A fully restored pre 1980 car which has been put back to the condition it would have left the factory in. These when done right create a car that still looks and drives today like it would have when it was first made.

Sleeper - Standard looking car which has had extensive performance upgrades or a car which is a high performance model which has been made to look like a standard, normal production non performance car.

Tuned - This is typically a powerful car with modifications primarily added for performance reasons. Spoilers, splitters and chrome are also used in moderation with the aim being to enhance the OEM look and feel of the car. This style is similar in aims to the sleeper but the owner wants to add a little subtle personalisation to his car.

Jap - Anything Japanese with Japanese styling parts falls into this category. If you are a true Jap fan then you will hate to see a Japanese car styled as a euro look. Parts are sourced from respected Japanese tuning companies and styling would include vents, large bumpers and lots of sharp angles.

Buggy - Car which has had most of the panels chopped away and replaced with a roll cage to create a fun beach going vehicle typically a VW Beetle although other variations on the theme are available.

Euro smoothed look - a European car which has been "smoothed". All trim and badges have been removed and seams around panels have been filled in. The look is much cleaner and tidier than a standard car with much of the panel detailing removed. These will usually have chrome rims and be substantially lowered, sometimes on air bags or hydraulics.

Most of our forum members fall into the tuned or sleeper category although we have many members from all of the other style groups.

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