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The 106 is an often overlooked capable track day car.

"The Baby Peugeot"

The 106 Gti was frequently voted best car due in no small part to its lively engine and sharp handling. The 106 shares many parts with its sister the Citroen Saxo which means that the 106 tuner has a larger selection of parts to choose from.

The 106 has been a popular track day car and even has its own class and TorqueCars have seen a humble 106 Gti beat cars with over 4 times the power on small twisty tracks.

As far as a cheap and fun car goes you can do no wrong by choosing a 106. It is cheap to run, economical and simple to work on. (Although it can be a pain finding French socket sizes!)

The baby of the Peugeot stable but  by no means a docile car.

All of the 1.6 engines are lively performance but the ultimate base for a tuning project has to be the 16v 1.6 GTi. Some tuning companies have come up with turbo charger kits for the 106 which produce lethal amounts of power for the size of the car.

Wheels 15's or 16's with a suspension drop of around 35 mm. Fitting 17 inch rims to most 106 hubs requires extensive arch work to avoid rubbing. You will lose performance fitting larger rims to the 15 inch option would seem to be the best compromise.

Whilst you are increasing the power you should also ensure you can safely stop. Upgrade your brakes. The easiest option is to fit GTi calipers or go with the brakes from  a 206 GTi 180 or 306 GTi-6. Larger wheels will allow larger brake discs to be fitted.

Exhaust changes can be a pain due to the 2 lambda sensors but many aftermarket exhaust manufacturers are providing suitable repleacement systems. Addressing the air intake is your next job after the exhaust and we would recommend a panel air filter rather than a full induction kit.

There are a huge selection of performance parts and styling parts around for the 106 and we would recommend that you join our forum and chat with other 106 owners and see what mods are hot and which are not.

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