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TorqueCars™ car related articles

We provide in depth advice on all aspects of car ownership from general care and maintenance / car servicing articles to issues such as getting accident compensation and modified car insurance.

If you would like to see an article here that we have not covered please let us know and we will add it to the site.

Fuel octane ratings RON, MON, AKI RdON and PON explanation and compared.

Premium or Super? Should you try one of the newer 100+ octane fuels? What about an octane boosting petrol additive?

Does using a petrol with a higher RON improve performance or fuel economy?

TorqueCars will provide some answers and help you to decide what you should put into your tank. The old saying “you are what you eat” can also apply to what your car drinks. Read More...

Requirements for driving in France: speed limits and highway code.

Driving in France is fairly hassle free, most of the laws and road signs are the same as the UK. Another great thing is the roads are generally well maintained and empty compared to UK roads. My wife found driving on French motorways less stressful than UK motorways even though she had never driven abroad before.

Compulsory paperwork and equipment needed for driving in France….. Read More...

Driving Weather

Winter driving tips for rain, flood, snow and foggy road conditions. Read More...

Car Servicing

How to service a car a simple checklist and tips. Read More...


Sleepers – tuning ordinary looking cars

Air Conditioning

Care and use of a cars air conditioning

Dashboard Cleaning

Cleaning the plastic dashboard of your car

Storing Car

Storing a car tips and hints

Engine Oil

Which and how much Engine oil – importance of oil. Read More...

Modified Car Insurance

Cheap Car insurance quotes for modified cars.

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