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Problems and weak spots in the Rover 220

Problems with my Rover 220 GTi

"My Rover rant"

Problems with my Rover 220 GTi Recent problems The standard brakes are pretty pathetic (especially for a car like this) but dropping the standard pads for EBC Greenstuff pads really transformed the braking. The brake hosess have been upgraded to braided hoses and I’m using a sythetic brake… Read More...

Tuning the Rover 220 Gti for performance

Performance tuning for the Rover 220 Gti


Getting the best performance from the Rover 220 GTi

Rover 200 brakes are not brilliant – the standard 220 GTi has vented disks I mated this to EBC Greenstuff pads – excellent pads make up for the usual breaking problems- redstuff pads needed a little warming to work best (about 100-200c) so I went for the standard Greenstuff pads and the plus is that now I don't have to clean the alloy wheels so much as they are low brake dust pads). I replaced the brake fluid with a synthetic fluid and the hoses are now braided – the brakes do not fade at all now – pretty impressive stuff! … Read More...

Rover 220 T Engine

The Rover 2.0 T series engine

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