Stunning Irmscher Corsa

"Vauxhall's New Corsa Gets The Irmscher Treatment"

New Irmscher Corsa 3 door

With Vauxhall's new Corsa now on the road it's time for all the aftermarket mods to hit the shelves. The most conspicuous feature of the new three-door Corsa is its sporty coupé form.

The family resemblance of both variations to the Astra is obvious.

This should make it a dream to kit out and tune.

Unsurprisingly one of the first manufacturers to roll out it's latest mods for the new Corsa is specialist Irmscher – the specialist when it comes to upgrading and individualisation of Opel/Vauxhall vehicles. They are offering an extensive range of body mods and accessories both for the three- and five-door versions.

The family resemblance of both variations to the Astra is obvious. This should make it a dream to kit out and tune. Unsurprisingly one of the first manufacturers to roll out it's latest mods for the new Corsa is specialist Irmscher


With broad shoulders and dynamic lines Vauxhall have tried hard to make the Corsa more masculine and self-confident. The new Corsa appears grown-up, comfortable with itself. This creates new challenges and delights for the modders. The distinctive Irmscher front-spoiler lip seamlessly takes in the line of the front bumper and effectively highlights the sporty view of the Corsa front.

Irmscher also relies on sport when it comes to the vehicle's side look: the side sillboards visually reduce the ground clearance, giving the Corsa's sides a more powerful effect in combination with door handle and front and rear-spoiler.

The Irmscher rear-spoiler lengthens the C-column, at the same time framing the rear window.

In addition to the accentuation of the side lines, the dragged-down side cheeks of the rear spoiler are important for the aerodynamic optimisation of the vehicle's rear and protect at the same time against side sunlight.


Irmscher have added a gorgeous red/black leather interior option to their individualisation programme to spruce up the vehicle interior. Aluminium handbrake lever and hold and the aluminium sport pedals are offered to empahasies a sense of sporty character of the interior. Irmscher offers matching stainless-steel entrance lining. A centre armrest and a protective leather cover for the gear- and handbrake-lever are also available colour-coordinated to the leather interior.

New Irmscher Corsa 5 door New Irmscher Corsa 5 door

New Corsa Tuning

Irmscher have not forgotten about improving performance either. The rear silencer with elliptically shaped double tail-pipe is not only an impressive eye-catcher, but also remarkable in a functional respect. Thanks to the stainless steel it is extremely durable, provides a rich sound, minimises dynamic pressure and consequently increases performance.

Stable road holding and a high degree of track reliability are guaranteed in any situation with the sporty designed spring rate of the lowering springs by 30 mm and the 16-inch light alloy wheels in Stila design resp. 17-inch light alloy wheels in Delta or Sportstar design. Thanks to this extra programme for even more drivability, control of the Corsa leaves nothing to be desired, even for drivers with sporting ambitions.

New Irmscher Corsa Boot SpoilerNew Irmscher Corsa Boot Spoiler

Accessories Available For The new Irmscher Corsa

• Front-spoiler lip
• Radiator grill insert with stainless-steel strip
• Side sillboard
• Roof spoiler, Sport model
• Door-handle panel

• Complete leather interior red/black
• Protective leather cover for gear- and handbrake-lever
• Leather-covered centre armrest
• Handbrake lever hold in aluminium-look
• Stainless-steel entrance lining
• Aluminium pedals

New Irmscher Corsa Alloy WheelsNew Irmscher Corsa Alloy Wheels

Wheels & Tuning
• Light-alloy wheels in Stila design 6.5 × 16 ET 37 with tyres 195/55 ×16
• Light-alloy wheels in Delta design 7.5 × 17 ET 40 with tyres 215/45 ×17
• Light-alloy wheels in Sportstar design 7 × 17 ET 38 with tyres 215/45 × 17
• Chassis-lowering 30 mm
• Rear silencer with elliptically shaped double tail-pipe

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