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Tuning the Audi RS4 – performance parts.

Once again Audi show the world they can make a supremely quick car that handles like it is on rails. The early RS4 will benefit from a set of uprated shocks all round.

The later RS4 is pretty much perfect from the factory but you can still add a bit more power!! TorqueCars recommend that you get adjustable shocks and set them up to suite your driving preference and style. Read More...

A3 tuning. Best parts and mods for tuning the audi A3

Tuning the Audi A3 – which model should you choose?

"Audi A3 Tuning"

When Audi produce a car, other manufacturers sit up and take notice. The A3 was at the time the smallest Audi ever made (until the A2 came along).

It was first produced in 1996 where is was restricted to 3 doors. Then in 1999… Read More...

A6 Tuning

Tuning the Audi A6

A8 Tuning

Tuning the Audi A8 and best A8 performance parts. Read More...

A4 Tuning

Audi A4 tuning tips and A4 performance parts

S3 Tuning

Audi S3 Tuning performance parts review.

R8 V8 Tuning

R8 V8 Tuning we look at the best performance modifications Read More...

2.0 TFSi Tuning

Audi 2.0 TFSi tuning & Carbon build up issue Read More...

A5 Tuning

Tuning the Audi A5 and best A5 performance parts. Read More...

1.8T Tuning

Tuning advice tips and article for the Audi 1.8T engine Read More...

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S6 Tuning
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