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Looking after your car

How to keep your car looking and running like new

Follow our car care articles and tips to keep your car in good working order and running reliably. We cover all aspects of car care and maintenance.

How to service a car a simple checklist and tips.

TorqueCars quick guide to Servicing a car.

You can save a lot of money by servicing a car yourself. You also have the advantage of knowing that you have used top quality components and have done a good job.

It really is quite simple to perform a basic full service and does not require any more than the ability to tighten or loosen a nut or screw! Read More...

Care and use of a cars air conditioning

We all take air conditioning for granted but this is a fairly complex system. The compressor will compress the gas then as this gas is pumped into the heat exchanger matrix and is allowed to expand it will take heat from the air running though the matrix. The gas though will often escape, albeit gradually over time, so you should have your air conditioning system checked and re-gassed at regular intervals. A typical air conditioning service will involve replacement of the pollen filters and a re-gas. Old gas needs to be disposed of in accordance with regulations so this is certainly a job for a specialist. Read More...

Dashboard Cleaning

Cleaning the plastic dashboard of your car

Storing Car

Storing a car tips and hints

Engine Oil

Which and how much Engine oil – importance of oil. Read More...

Headlight Bulbs

Xenon, Argon, Tungsten and HID bulbs comparison

Brake Pads

Changing brake pads and discs a DIY guide

Killing Cars

10 ways to kill your car?

Interior Cleaning

How to clean a car’s interior

Dent Removal

Removing dents

Polishing Waxing
In Car Toolkit
Spark Plugs
Paint Protection
Cleaning Alloys
Car Batteries
Oil Change
Rust Removal
Car Cleaning Tips
Stone Chip Removal
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